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Our Privacy Policy

Paws-n-Relax are a small, single person run business in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Our aim is to provide the best pet care for our customers no matter the type of pet or required job. As our main priority around the business is care we take our customers privacy very seriously. 
A customers home address, email and telephone number is only used by Paws-n-Relax to gain access to a customers property with permission to look after the customers pet. It is also only used to get into contact with our customers when needed in regards to pet care or updates and changes to our business that may affect the customer.  
Paws-n-Relax do not handle direct debits. Therefore Paws-n-Relax do not require any bank details from our customers. 
Emergency contact information provided by the customer with permission from the secondary contact is only used in an emergency regarding the customers pet by Paws-n-Relax; if Paws-n-Relax cannot get into contact with the owner first.  
Paws-n-Relax do not pass any customer information on to secondary or third parties. Paws-n-Relax do not use customer information for any other purposes than for Paws-n-Relax requirements to look after customer pets. 
Paws-n-Relax do not work with any other company or person for marketing & advertising so there is no reason for customer information to be passed on outside of the business. 
Paws-n-Relax comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). 
All customer pet care forms that a customer fills out and signs upon a home consultation with Paws-n-Relax are kept locked away in a safe area along with all keys to customer properties. 
Customer care forms and property keys are only used by Paws-n-Relax with permission from the owner as signed when a customer has booked in for a pet care service. 
Paws-n-Relax never keep customer personal information longer than needed. 
Therefore if a customer no longer wishes to use Paws-n-Relax's services. Paws-n-Relax will dispose of all a customers personal information correctly and safely in line with the General Data Protection Regulation within 24 hours of a customers leaving notice. 
If at any time Paws-n-Relax stop trading, all customers will have two weeks notice via letter or email. All customers personal data will be disposed of correctly and safely in line with the General Data Protection Regulation within 24 hours of the set closing date. 
All customer keys will be handed back in person by Paws-n-Relax at the nearest convenient date stated by the customer. Paws-n-Relax will not post out any keys to the customers home address.

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